Freedom Package

Read very carefully!

NOTE: The funds are in USD currency.
TTD is converted 7 TTD to 1 USD

After clicking ‘add to cart’ and then ‘checkout’ triple check that you entered your CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS!
failure in doing so will result in not getting your receipt or digitally signed contract emailed to you.

To use bitcoin select “Pay with Bitcoin” at the checkout page.
Wait till the contract page pops up and sign your contract, This happens after at-least 1 confirmation.
Upon full payment verification, you will automatically be emailed a receipt.

To use cash select “cash” at the checkout page.
Only do this if you actually paid cash, as a false submission may blacklist your IP address, and revoke your right to submit again.

Once we confirm your submission you will receive a receipt via your email address.
Use this information to register as a client at